Sarah Cooper & Nina Gorfer: Construction Of An Image

Thursday, May 4th, 3PM.
Location: Yapı Kredi bomontiada 4. Kat

How to construct an image to reflect a certain history, a myth?

Every Cooper & Gorfer project is bound to be compelling, and their series Interruptions, featured at the festival, is undoubtedly the one that stands out most. Interruptions focuses on portraits of Sweden’s Sámi women from different generations. During the frosty February of 2016, the duo travelled to the higher latitudes of Sweden to meet the indigenous people of the north, Sámi women of varied ages and professions, enter their lives and listen to their life stories. Different sections of these narratives are collated in their images to create multi-layered portraitures – images that oscillate between the collective struggles of womanhood and an interrupted culture, to personal stories of illness and individual hardship. The results are striking and radiant. The complex face of humanity is shown in their work in the form of fragments from both the past and present. The artistic disciplines of photography and painting are blurred through the duo’s work and much like an expressionist painter; they construct each image with incredible detail, colour and components like no other. In this conversation with 212 editor Zeynep Erekli, the duo will discuss their practice and the universe they have meticulously created in the name of visual storytelling. 

Niels Ackermann: Looking For Lenin

Thursday, May 4th, 5PM
Location: Yapı Kredi bomontiada 4. Kat

Swiss documentary photographer Niels Ackermann will be discussing the renowned series he co-authored with French journalist and writer Sébastien Gobert, Looking for Lenin, during the course of this talk. The photographer will be walking the audience through his striking photographs in pursuit of toppled Lenin statues all around Ukraine while discussing how to deal with historical legacy of an unwanted past and what comes next after decommunization.

Ilona Szwarc: My Characters Never Fully Become

Friday, May 5th, 3PM
Location: ATÖLYE (Yapı Kredi bomontiada)

Ilona Szwarc’s photographic practice focuses on the mutable themes of identity and how it is conditioned by culture. The strength of her practice is due to the basis of her work on being a woman and an immigrant. There are many layers to unpack in each of her images, sequences, and projects connected by these through-lines. Showing two of her impressive series at the festival, Rodeo Girls and American Girls, the artist will be talking about her innovative and complex techniques within this presentation.